The slide set of III Ed. of White Book PRM

The slide set of III Ed. of White Book PRM

Spread the PRM culture using for free the slide set related to the contents of the 3rd Edition of White Book on PRM.

0) WB-PRM II ed Introductions, Executive Summary, and Methodology

1) WB-PRM II ed Definitions and concepts of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

2) WB-PRM II ed PRM Why rehabilitation is needed by individual and society

3) WB-PRM II ed PRM A primary medical specialty- the fundamentals of PRM

4) WB-PRM II ed History of the specialty- where PRM comes from

5) WB-PRM II ed The PRM organizations in Europe- structure and activities

6) WB-PRM II ed Knowledge and skills of PRM physicians

7) WB-PRM II ed The clinical field of competence- PRM in practice

8) WB-PRM II ed The PRM specialty in the healthcare system and society

9) WB-PRM II ed Education and continuous professional development- shaping the future of PRM

10) WB-PRM II ed Science and research in PRM- specificities and challenges

11) WB-PRM II ed Challenges and perspectives for the future of PRM

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