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Stefano Negrini (coordinator) Pedro Cantista Maria Gabriella Ceravolo Nicolas Christodoulou Alain Delarque Christoph Gutenbrunner Carlotte Kiekens Enrique Varela Donoso Anthony Ward Mauro Zampolini


To describe the work of the PRM specialty and its PRM specialists in: A changing world of health care systems and shrinking resources; Reacting and contributing to medical innovation; Developing strategies to meet the challenge of scientific and technological advances; Dealing with changing perspectives of disability Promoting and facilitating the …

Steering Committee

Stefano Negrini (UEMS PRM Section) – Coordinator Sasa Moslavac (UEMS PRM Board) – Secretary Pedro Cantista (ESPRM) Gordana Devecerski (ESPRM) Alvydas Juoucevicius (UEMS PRM Board) Christoph Gutenbrunner (EARM) Enrique Varela Donoso (UEMS PRM Section) Anthony Ward (EARM)